To meet the "infinite" needs of community markets, through their "expansions", MBO Softwares has specialized (via web browser on computer, tablet and smartphone, accessible not only to hundreds of customers in a city, but also to millions of customers around the world, on the intra/extra/inter-net network, 24 hours on 24, 365 days on 365):

  • 1. In Businesses Web Softwares :

    • Business management (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Logistics, ...) of communities
    • Management of services (Supplier, Customer, ...) by job (for more than 1000 of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)) of communities

  • 2. In Consumer Web Softwares :

    • Application (to reduce costs and increase gains, resources and systems, expertise, securities, rents and technologies, social and professional relations through ressources and systemes of tomorrows) of community:

      By cost issue
      • Professional Skills and Tools
      • Social Skills and Tools
      • Banks and Insurance
      • Accommodation Rental
      • Energy Technologies
      • Food and Catering
      • ...

      By income objective
      • Recycling and Upgrading
      • Securities of Beings, Properties and Environments
      • People and Goods Transport
      • Entertainment and Education
      • Health and Care
      • Retreat activities
      • ...

  • 3. And in Website Creation for B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B :

    • From Showcase Sites (to provide all the resources during the stage of gathering information, from the customer, on their needs and market solutions) to E-commerce Sites (for more than 2,500 categories of goods to sell) community:

      Referencing Showcase
      • Restaurant - Bar - Club
      • Perfumery - Cosmetics
      • Electricity - Home automation
      • Plumbing - Air Conditioner
      • Hairdresser - Barber
      • SPA - Fitness
      • Surveys and Marketing
      • ...

      News and Arts
      • Photo and Graphic Arts
      • Dance and Martial Arts
      • Mathematics and Philosophy
      • Literature and Poetry
      • Mastery of Systems, of control by units of law gender, of elements [and] of automatons, of zones [and] of tomorrows (where everything becomes a system)
      • ...

      E-commerce of Service
      • E-learning
      • Travel agency
      • Language school
      • Music, Films and Shows
      • Econometrics and Investment
      • ...

      E-commerce of Goods
      • Food - Grocery
      • Computer Hardware
      • Jewellery - Watch
      • Automobile - Motocycle
      • Mobile and Internet
      • ...

With our expertise and our networks of service providers, to meet these needs, to develop your communities, we offer our services in:

Web design

~ Creation of a Visual Identity:

Design, protection and adaptation on various communication media, to create your image.

~ Redesign of a Visual Identity:

Creation of a graphic charter and integration with the existing site to Web standards, to launch a new dynamic.

Design Print

~ Logo and Business Card:

Design with or without baseline, protection and formatting for its portability on various communication media, to build your network.

~ Flyer and Poster:

Design with message, editing and delivery, to promote an event.

Photo, Video and 3D

~ Photo and Promotional Video:

Photo and Video with adaptation to communication media, for occasional promotion.

~ Virtual Tour or 3D Modeling:

Panoramic Photo or 3D Design with adaptation to communication media, to promote an event or a marketplace.


~ Illustration on model or Free order:

Design with export according to the desired media(s), to put a project or an element into perspective.

Website Development

~ Creation at maintenance of e-commerce site:

Creation of a showcase site or a store via CMS (Wordpress, Prestashop, ...) or development from scratch.

~ Creation to software maintenance:

Creating software by developing from scratch.

Cybersecurity and Integrity and load Tests

~ Integrity and load tests:

Functional and datas integrity with load testing of information, in multiples and simultaneous connections

~ Database hack tests:

Tests of infiltration into the program and theft of site databases, in order to compromise its economic activity.

Referencing (SEO) and (SEA) of website

~ Content optimization per page:

Keyword optimization by analysis of lexical fields.

~ Publications to search engine directories:

Submissions to search engine directories and purchases if needed for keywords on search engines.

Market Research and Digital Marketing

~ Statistical studies of customers and their needs:

Statistical studies of demographics to sample their needs in panels.

~ Analyse a market situation and positioning a brand:

Analyse a market situation and position a brand on the internet via advertising campaign channels.
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1 - Web Design

Some realisations in Website Design. (Click on the images to view)

2 - Design Print

Some realisations in Design for Print. (Click on the images to view)

3 - Photo, Video and 3D

Some shots in Paris. (Click on the images to view.)

4 - Illustration

Some realisations in Design for Print. (Click on the images to view)

5 - Website Development

Some realisations in Website Development. (Click on the images to view)
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Business start-up ideas

Some ideas to copy or develop together. (Click on the images to view.)
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