To meet the "infinite" needs of community markets, through their "expansions", MBO Softwares (Siret number: 51787502700024 - VAT number Intracommunity: FR52517875027), Software Publisher, via web browser (on computer, tablet and smartphone, accessible not only to the hundreds of customers in a city, but also to millions of customers around the world, on intra/extra/inter-net network, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for less than €100 per month of hosting), has extended its field of activity, in order to offer targeted solutions, for the business networks of tomorrow, from security to incomes, of communities:

1. Creation of Web Software for Businesses

~ By intermediate trade, business management:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Taxation
  • RH, Salaries and Social Services
  • ...

~ By final trade, service management:

  • Goods and services catalogs
  • Supplier Stocks
  • Production Management
  • Customer / Supplier invoicing and payment
  • Sales and after-sales service intervention log
  • ...

2. Creation of Web Software for Consumers

~ Capital and resource management:

  • Account management in Banks, Insurance and Investments
  • Professional Skills and Tools Training
  • Social Skills and Tools Training
  • Health and Care
  • Food and Catering
  • ...

~ Managing the control of tomorrow's systems:

  • Security of Beings, Properties and Environments
  • Transport of People and Goods
  • Recycling and revalorization of electronic objects
  • Entertainment and socio-economic events
  • Retreat activities
  • ...

3. Websites for B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B

~ From SEO Showcase:

  • Restaurant - Bar - Club
  • Perfumery - Cosmetics
  • Electricity - Home automation
  • Plumbing - Air Conditioner
  • Hairdresser - Barber
  • SPA - Fitness
  • Surveys and Marketing
  • Interior Decorator
  • ...

~ News and Arts:

  • Photo and Graphic Arts
  • Dance and Martial Arts
  • Mathematics and philosophy
  • Literature and Poetry
  • Mastery of Systems, controled by units of measurement of gender laws (physics, ..., natures, ...):
    • elements [and] automata, worlds of nature
    • elements [and] automata, worlds of civilizations
    • ...
    • elements [and] automata, worlds of Master System Artifacts
  • ...

~ From E-commerce of Goods and Services:

  • E-learning
  • Travel agency
  • Language school
  • Music, Films and Shows
  • Econometrics and Investment
  • Food - Grocery
  • Computer Hardware
  • Jewelry - Watch
  • Cars - Motorcycles
  • Mobile and Internet
  • ...

4. Design for Software, Website and E-mailing

~ Graphic charter formatted for computer, tablet and smartphone, of the Software Package, Software and Website:

  • From Artisan Showcase Website
  • From Merchant E-commerce Website
  • Web Personal Development Software
  • Web software for mastering tomorrow's systems
  • From Web business management software
  • Web software for managing professional services
  • ...

~ Illustrations, Photos and Animations, of advertisements on Software Package, Software and Website:

  • Product promotions
  • Presentation of catalogs of goods and services
  • Ads on inserts on pages with high audiences
  • ...

5. Design for Print

~ Logo and baseline with INPI protection and complete variation for any support:

  • Business card
  • Invoices and contracts
  • Leaflets, flyers and advertising stickers
  • POS decoration
  • Vehicle marking
  • ...

~ Paper, digital and audio books:

  • Educational books for children
  • Art passion books for young people
  • Books on mastery of tomorrow's systems for adults
  • ...

~ On objects by Sublimation (T-shirt, Mug, etc.):

  • Gift Sublimation on Polyester Textiles, Mouse Pads, Soft Toys, Polyester Luggage, ...
  • Sublimation of events on Cups, Water bottles and Bottles, Smartphone cases, Key rings, Magnets, Coasters, ...
  • ...

6. Design for POS Screens

~ Decoration of Stands and Showcases:

  • Artisan Showcases
  • Trader's Stands
  • ...

~ Mini animated promotions (cash screen, window screen, etc.):

  • Product promotions
  • Presentation of catalogs of goods and services
  • ...

~ Mini buzz clips (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, ...):

  • Positioning, marketing with references, in directories
  • Promotions on company products or socio-economic events
  • ...

7. Integrity, Load and Cybersecurity Tests

~ Tests of data integrity, functionality and loads, by page tuples:

Testing of data integrity and functionality per page, with multiple and simultaneous profile, data and connection load scenarios, not planned.

~ Database hack tests:

Infiltration tests into the program and theft of the site's databases, in order to compromise its economic activity and recover its resources and financial windfalls.

8. Website referencing (SEO) and (SEA)

~ Content optimization per page:

Optimization of keywords by analysis of lexical fields, of the site and its competitors, to position the brand image of the site on its sources of economic activity.

~ Distributions to search engine directories:

Submission of the sitemap to directories on the internet and in articles on networks of specialized sites, with possible purchases of keywords, positioning (of the services, in terms of goods and services, of the site) on the search engines of the websites ( like Google, ...) and on the search engines of partner sites (like Tom's hardware, ...) or marketplaces (like Amazon, ...).

9. Market Research and Digital Marketing

~ Statistical studies of site customers and their needs:

Studies of the competition for each keyword, in networks of specialized sites (like Youtube, ...) and search engines (like Google, ...), up to the sampling of your customers in panels, following their purchasing intentions.

~ Hearing a market situation and positioning a brand through its product:

Hearing a market situation on the internet, positioning a brand image through its product and strengthening its references to the needs of its customers; from the ergonomics of the site on the various customer terminals to the advertising campaign channels.

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1 - Web Design

Some realisations in Website Design. (Click on the images to view)

2 - Design Print

Some realisations in Design for Print. (Click on the images to view)

3 - Photo, Video and 3D

Some shots in Paris. (Click on the images to view.)

4 - Illustration

Some realisations in Design for Print. (Click on the images to view)

5 - Website Development

Some realisations in Website Development. (Click on the images to view)
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Business start-up ideas

Some ideas to copy or develop together. (Click on the images to view.)
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